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Past Life "Akashic Records" Reading

Insights and wisdom from your past lives and your soul's Akashic history.

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 222 US dollars
  • Online via Zoom (or reach out if you're on the north coast to book in-person)

Service Description

Akashic Records contain the recording of the soul's histories, through all incarnations, throughout space and time. This often includes past lives on Earth, but is not limited to past lives. An Akashic Records / Past Life Reading is a single-session experience that reveals guidance and wisdom from your own Akashic history. In these readings, I'll connect my sacred guides with your sacred guides to bring forward relevant messages, imagery and helpful self-medicine, rituals or practices. The things that come through will be specific insights to benefit your highest good at this moment in time and space. This single-session reading option usually last about 90 minutes (but may last longer if called for), and includes positive insights, landmarks/guideposts and practices that can offer reminders and tools for you at this time in your life, based on your Akashic records.

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