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3-Month 1:1 Feminine Rites of Passage Initiation

This is a 3-month process of reclaiming your own ancient feminine wisdom and power. 


Using a specific set of meditations, energy practices, rituals, guided visualization techniques and physical movements, I'll provide the space for you to walk the ancient path from the first phase of your life — the Maiden who is becoming and budding — into the full-bloom, wildly creative middle phase of life when you become "Mother" to yourself and the world. This does not mean physical motherhoodPlenty of physical mothers have yet to step intentionally onto this archetypal path. This is a purposeful rite of passage journey where you'll learn techniques to more fully embody the Mother phase of life. Our society has not typically encouraged women to be in their power in this way, and look where that has gotten us. This world needs the feminine to rise in each of us. That is what this rite of passage experience is about.


Ancient Earth-worshiping cultures celebrated the Divine Feminine, but their feminine rites were buried for centuries due to the spread of extractive, colonial patriarchy. Now, together, women around the world are reclaiming these rites and the ancient Earth wisdom that is their birthright.

In many ancient European traditions, the life stages of the feminine are seen as having three archetypal expressions: Maiden (youth & budding), Mother (maturity & full-bloom) and eventually, Crone (returning to Earth). Each phase was seen as an equally sacred expression of the triple Goddess, and each was celebrated with special rites of passage.  

In this Maiden to Mother passage, you will celebrate the ancient initiation from Maiden, to Mother.


Our world is out of balance & needs the healed, expressive, wild feminine to RISE to full expression, now more than ever. This 3-month rite of passage walks you through the a path of self-healing, self-love, and self-expression as you remember how to embody the powerful feminine, or "Mother" energy.


While mainstream society would keep women striving to stay forever-young, small, oppressed & disempowered, the true, divine feminine is sensual, loving, empowered, strong, abundant and supple. Naturally, this experience of reclamation of the true feminine lights up your personal spark of creativity and purpose!


This Maiden to Mother rite of passage is a journey of rekindling your highest self expression and your soul-inspired gifts for this world. The world right now needs your gifts to be given, and needs you in your wholly  wild expression right now.

Guided by other inspiring women, I have walked the bridge that leads from Maiden to Mother. I trained in this process with Sarah Durham Wilson of The Mother Spirit (I also worked with The Mother Spirit for a time and helped organize offerings and retreats). It is my deep honor to guide you to walk yourself across this bridge, too.

We'll have one session per week for three months, totaling 12 sessions.

Price: $1333 ($111.11 per session)

Payment Plan options upon request:

 $444.33 per month


$222.22 per month for 6 months


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