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Water to Bone: Ancestral Wisdom Journey

The wisdom of your ancestors is alive in your bones, passed down through the genetic memory by those who walked the Earth before. The ancient ones knew what science is just beginning to recover: we hold an epigenetic memory in our bodies. Just as scientific research has shown traumas & fear responses can be passed down epigenetically, so can healing ability, knowledge, strength, expansion and LOVE.


In this shamanic journey experience, which comes from my own ancestral lineage in ancient Ireland, I guide you through a meditative journeying process of releasing ancestral energy that no longer serves you, and awakening the powerful ancestral wisdom that already lives inside of your body. 

Then, I walk you through an ancient journeying technique, and drum for you as you guide yourself through a passage into the ancestral underworld where you'll meet your ancestral guides, including animal guides and healed ancestors.

Price: $111


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