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Pampas Grass

6-Session Series - Energy Clearing & Intuitive Guidance

This deep-dive, intensive 6-week experience is designed to reconnect you with your highest expressions, your soul wisdom, and your supportive soul guides.


You may bring specific projects, questions or intentions to this series, or you may leave it open-ended. You will leave this experience with a clear understanding of your soul’s journey up to this point, and your path in this life.


Each session is between 1 and 2 hours (however long is needed). I will guide you through a series of practices to clear away stuck energy, stories or patterns that may be blocking you from your innate soul guidance system, and teach you practices and techniques to take with you forever, to better connect with your powerful, beautiful, soul-guided Self. I will also offer reiki energy work as part of this series (Note: energy work can be done across time and space, so we do not need to be in-person for reiki to work).


Price: $888.00

($148 per session)

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