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1:1 Mentorship


"To have April as a mentor was a truly magical experience. She helped guide me through what was coming up in my life on a mind, heart, body, and soul level. The wisdom that came through in our sessions was unreal and yet also the most real thing I have ever experienced. She shared ways to apply that wisdom in a tangible way. I now have rituals and practices that I can turn to support me whenever I feel inspired. These practices have helped me to integrate the messages that I received on a deep level. Over the course of our time together, I began to see myself clearly for the first time, and as a result, I feel more connected to myself, others, and the world. I discovered who I truly am and what is most important to me. I know I will remember what I learned about myself with April’s guidance always. I am so grateful. Thank you, April!"
- Ellie H.

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