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Akashic Records

In connection with sacred guides, April intuitively channels and reads Akashic records. The Akashic Records are the recording of the soul's histories, through all incarnations, throughout space and time—including (but not limited to) past lives on Earth.


For these readings, April's Guides connect with your Guides to reveal memories, scenes, practices and moments from your soul's history that might help you connect with your gifts, inner wisdom and Soul's Purpose in this life. These readings can be deeply emotional and transformative.


Option 1

Akashic Insights and Guidance Reading ($222):


An Akashic Insights and Guidance reading reveals guidance and wisdom from your Akashic history. These readings bring forward relevant messages and helpful self-medicine, rituals or practices for you at this moment in time and space.


For this  reading option, you do not need to be present during the live reading. April can go into ceremony on her own time, read your records, and then take detailed notes to share with you all of her insights, in a pre-scheduled call. Usually, during your call together additional messages, insights and imagery will come through.

This reading option includes only positive insights, landmarks/guideposts and practices that can offer guidance and reminders for you at this time in your life, based on your Akashic records. 


If you're interested in learning more, or scheduling an Akashic Record reading please reach out via the C O N T A C T form on this site. 

Option II

Akashic Reading + Energy Clearing ($444):


This reading option often involves an energetic clearing of what is ready for you to shift and reconfigure from your soul history. These sessions can be intense, because sometimes difficult or traumatic memories from your records will surface to be moved, addressed and cleared energetically.


For these readings, you will need you to be live in a call with April during the reading.


If you're interested in learning more, or scheduling an Akashic Record reading please reach out via the C O N T A C T form on this site. 

"I went into my session with April excited and open-minded, but the experience far exceeded my expectations. April was verbally describing the exact imagery I had in my mind as I sat silently with my eyes closed. She unlocked and uncovered parts of myself that I had forgotten about, and I felt safe, seen, and empowered. April is truly gifted, and I am so grateful for the experience and re-connection to self." - Natalye A.


"If I could only use one word to describe my session with April it would be

m a g i c a l. From the moment of my first engagement with her, I felt held, supported, guided. The messages that came through were truly channeled from the goddess. After our session, I began researching the threads, and each one led to a larger thread creating a beautiful tapestry of truth +  healing. There's literally not a day that goes by that I don't feel the remnants of our reading.- Allison M.

"April did my first ever Akashic Record reading with me and her talent as a writer really amplified her gift of connecting with guides. She can transmute energy and image into language in beautiful and comprehensible ways! It was an adventure through dimensions and frequencies both surprising and familiar for me. April's openness and genuine curiosity about me and my lineage came through which added to the experience for me. Everything was just so caring and thoughtful and unique - she left me with so many sweet practices, internal worlds to explore in meditation, and questions to contemplate." - Dani H.


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